Psychobiological Approach to Couples’ Therapy (PACT)

About PACT:

Psychobiological Approach to Couples’ Therapy (PACT) is a completely and dramatically DIFFERENT approach to couples’ Therapy.
Couples are seated in rolling chairs, facing one another, and instructed to remain in eye contact. While this is initially uncomfortable, it does allow for connection, and also develops a semi-meditative state. This allows the therapist to work through defensiveness in a unique way.
Additionally, sessions are 2 hours! In this two hours, there is enough time to unpack the challenges happening in the transaction of the relationship.
If you’ve ever heard anyone say that traditional couples’ therapy doesn’t help…It’s absolutely TRUE! And the reason for that (I believe) is because a one-hour session is enough time to get into trouble, but not enough time to get out. The end result is that you’ve gotten yourselves into a mess, but nobody helped you move out of it. Do that 3 times, and you are probably in a worse position than you started!
When you are in distress as a couple, you need help, and you need it fast. PACT will deliver that result quickly and efficiently.
Often couples feel that they have so many problems that it’s overwhelming and they can’t cut through them.
I will help you by identifying the 1-2 transactions that are repeating themselves in multiple areas. The take-away from that is you only have 1-2 things that need solving. This feels successful, doable, and does not pathologize anyone in the room.

You will only know if this would work, if you give it a try. If you’re looking for quick results and some hope about your most vital relationship, give me a call!

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