Corporate & Health Care Consultation:

Are you looking for your employees to have more tools to get through their work day, perhaps in a more functional way?
As the previous owner of a large mental health practice, I know that turnover is expensive!
I believe one of the biggest reasons people leave ANY SETTING – marriage, friendship, workplace is because of an overall lack of security.
This could mean many things and every environment is different.
My unique training program includes an environmental analysis/assessment to determine what is creating that sense of insecurity, and how secure functioning in the work place can be achieved.
So much of human perception regarding happiness is based in relationship. This includes relationship with self and others.
There are many circumstances in which problems in these areas can be extracted in a work environment.

The downfall of typical Corporate Psychology:
Many people are using the Emotional intelligence training. Which is absolutely useful! However, knowing and understanding your own EQ along with that of others, only gets you so far. Once you have the information, how do you use it?
This is the step I will help you with.
I will give you and your employees tools to manage interpersonal distress, manage internal distress, and find your way into secure working relationship.
The more an employee feels secure the longer they will stay.

Corporate Partnerships:
Have you ever been told that having a business partner is like being married?
I have! And it’s absolutely true!
If you’re having trouble in this relationship, I can see you together to help unpack what obstacles are getting in the way, and help you understand one another to move through partnership challenges as they arise.

Uses for Healthcare workers and First Responders:
Especially in the times of COVID, healthcare workers need support! These times have been especially taxing on those providing care to people with COVID, or jeopardizing their own health for the safety and well-being of others.
I am happy to provide on-going resources and training to your staff in a healthcare or first responder setting to provide you with skills. Skills for managing the effects of prolonged exposure to distress. Message me for a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

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