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A little bit about me:

I recently moved to Colorado from Reno, Nevada!
I have a sweet 2 year-old little boy and a golden retriever! We’ve chosen to make Erie, CO our home!
I am originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho, but lived in Nevada for many years.
I have a great sense of humor and am told I have a unique way of explaining things!

Even in your suffering, where I will meet you with the ultimate of presence and understanding, I promise you we will also share some laughs!
I pride myself on being down to earth and able to see fully and understand most people with ease.
I know therapy can feel intimidating, but really we’re just two humans in a room, and I sincerely hope you feel validated but challenged in your therapy.

My “resume”

I have experience in anything from adult drug court (chemical dependency) to adolescent residential treatment, program development and training to domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy.
In total I have worked in human services since 2002. I come to you with over 18 years of experience, powerful training in the most cutting-edge therapies available, and I am a lifelong learner!
During and after college at Idaho State University (undergrad), I worked as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. It is here that I truly understood suffering at it’s depths, and learned to be a present and good listener.
I also quickly understood that I needed a deeper understanding to be effective at helping. So I attended the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work. I graduated in an advanced standing program in 2001.
Upon graduation, I relocated to the Reno, Nevada area where I worked in Adult drug court, and emergency room trauma response. In 2005 I began my clinical internship at Willow Springs Center- an adolescent residential treatment program for teens. I worked there a total of 5 years, and later developed their Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program. It was one of a few on the whole West Coast. In 2009 I began my private practice, which with time grew to host 10 therapists, and 2 locations! During this time, I received training in PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples’ Therapy). I was fortunate to receive my training directly from the creator, Stan Tatkin, and I am level 2 certified in this treatment.
And now, this brings us to the present. In the Denver/Boulder areas I hope to gain more experience and practice as I work to serve the community in any way possible!

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